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Keith Miller is a Canadian artist, formally educated in the arts of drawing and painting - first at Toronto’s Ontario College of Art and later at Sheridan College, School of Visual Art. Much of his life has been spent abroad. After a long period of travel, he finally settled in San Miguel de Allende - an historic colonial town in Central Mexico. For nearly twenty-five years, using San Miguel as his base and with occasional forays back to South East Asia, he evolved his own painterly response to the world around him. Intimate and coolly objective at the same time, his realism is both a critical examination of that world and a kind of love affair with it. Whether in the high desert of Mexico or on the southern islands of Thailand, direct observation informs his work. Nature provides the sustenance and the impulse is always to see, to record and to remember.


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Mail art or "correspondence art" are terms coined in the 1960's which ...

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